The cover of the book. A large tree grows out pf the white-painted sone wall of a holy well. A small shrine containing a statue of the BVM is visible within the small enclosure

The story of the book

This book is the result of a unique piece of research, the first time that nearly every of the 358 holy wells in County Cork (33 remain elusive) have been visited and recorded by one person; with their histories, connections, stories and folklore examined and collated. So many themes have emerged: the variety of cures (over 30 available); the multitude of saints who are patrons of the wells (more than 60 individuals including some very colourful characters); the timeless rituals and pilgrimages that are still carried on today; and the intriguing complexities and stories surrounding the sacred trees and blessed fish connected to the wells.

Amanda has been recording her work on her website since she began but the frequent request from her friends and followers on social media of ‘When’s the book coming out?’ encouraged her to start writing.

“I’ll just set aside a week after Christmas to finish the book”, was a serious miscalculation of the work involved and three months later, (March 2023) it was just about ready to print.

At the time of writing, we are still finalising funding. Hopefully the book should be available by the end of June 2023.

Edit – June 2023
Please see further posts for updated publication dates.





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  1. Many congratulation ~ I am working on a similar project for County Donegal so I know how much hard work and determination it took you to get this far. I look forward to reading your book.

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